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The Brand

For nearly 50 years, GASKELL designers have taken inspiration from music, travels, spirituality, and art to produce bold and contemporary glamorous collections of jewelry. From fantastical creations to pared-down pieces imbued with inherent elegance. Passion, love and creativity are the driving forces in our personal approach to each piece.

Always fascinated with precious gemstones and the power symbols, GASKELL offers a signature aesthetic that seamlessly merges iconic motifs and a luxurious, rock-chic sensibility. The beauty of each the collection is found in the connection that each piece creates with its owner, withstanding the test of time, portraying elegance, quality and harvesting transformation and growth.

The complete collection incorporates white, yellow and rose 18-karat gold pieces with delicate precious and semi-precious stone accents such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. With attention to detail, together with the finest materials Gaskell continues to dazzle by interpreting modern pieces via traditional, precision craftsmanship.


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Rue de la France, Gustavia St Barths

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